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Animated elements can be used in web design to attract attention or to explain processes through moving graphs or small tutorial films.

These short films can be cartoon or more technical, depending on the information to be conveyed.  From simple moving text, interactive menus to short films, animation can be used to capture the attention of your visitor and then present your product or idea in a visual and entertaining manner.

Have your own greeting cards made, branded with your compay's logo. This would be a unique and memorable way to keep in touch with your clients and keep them thinking about you.

Broadcast quality animation can be used for may applications, from television openings and ads to company training videos and home entertainment.  McBain Computer Animation has three short fims running nationally on Canadian television during the Christmas season each year.   Broadcast licenses are available for these short films.

All images and content, © McBain 2005, all rights reserved.

A Little Tracker Christmas. A little snowmobile saves the day when Santa crashes the sled.

A Northern Lights Christmas. Abbey and Little Tracker come to the rescue when Storm cuts off the Christmas magic from the North Pole.

A Dot, Spot and Box Christmas. Little Tracker is feeling down in the dumps this Christmas but Box has the cure!